130 server locations in 90 countries

Connect to our servers with a secret single 9 digital code.  Changing your IP address is as easy as clicking the “Connect” button on the app and you’ll be connected to the best VPN server at that time.  

Blkdor makes VPN easy

No hassle, simple to use VPN that’s safe and protects your data.

Encryption across the globe

To guarantee a fast, secure, and constant connection blkdor has a number of server locations around the globe.  Blkdor automatically connects you to the closest VPN server to ensure your speed is lightning fast.  

Blkdor encryption is secure

Encrypted Software

Blkdor server software runs on a cloud, which encrypts and authenticates the data between client applications and the server.

24/7 Customer Service

Contact our customer service technicians anytime of the day. We'll help with any issue you may have.

Stream your favorites

Stream Hulu, Netflix, and more - securely, with lightning fast speed.

Secured Connectivity

Whether your browsing from home, on the go, or in another country blkdor will securely connect you.

Hide your online presence

Keep your IP address and your location hidden. We don't log your browsing activity.

Free of Censorship

Connect to your favorite sites by unblocking Youtube and your other social media platforms.