Use Blkdor to change your IP address, mask their identity, and protect yourself from security breaches.  It’s the perfect VPN for remote work on untrusted public wi-fi.

We Accept Most Major Credit Cards

Privacy is priority

We can consolidate your subscriptions into one account if you’d like.  Payments for each subscription will be billed on separate invoices.  Our billing is on a per device basis.  The easiest way to consolidate your devices is to use the same email for each subscription. 

Blkdor comes with:

Blkdor is a monthly plan

Get blkdor in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Purchase your subscription on our website
Step 2: Download the Ultra Horizon app
Step 3: Input the 9 digit code we send to your email.

1 Month Plan

Month to Month Subscription
$ 11
a device / per month

A few reasons to get Blkdor


No Logs

Its our company policy to not disclose any details or information to any outside parties. We do not log your activity, or monitor what you do online.

Commitment to Security

We're committed to security, its our business. Giving our users the capability to mask their IP's and protect their data is our priority.

No Limits on Bandwidth

We currently have 2300+ servers providing Blkdor in over 90 countries. Enjoy unlimited usage with no data caps.