Perks of using Blkdor

Encrypt your internet easily

Safe and easy

We make sure your data is completely safe and secured.  We’ve made using blkdor easy as downloading an app.

Servers across the globe

Over 130+ server locations in 90 countries. You can practically connect to blkdor anywhere on the globe.

Split Routing

Blkdor allows you to search for local content while you share and stream through our network.

Secure browsing

Encrypted internet browsing is our priority.  Your online activity is safe on blkdor.  

Fast and Reliable Speeds

Speed and security go hand in hand with blkdor.  No need to stress about slow connection speeds we can handle it.

Smooth Streaming

Our server speeds are incredibly fast and smooth.  Streaming is a breeze and you never have to worry about lag or buffering.

24/7 Tech Support

Our technicians are here to help you around the clock.  If you have any questions one of our techs are here to help.

No Logs

We do not log, share, collect or track your data.  Your data stays anonymous.  

Secure multiple devices

Your account gives you the ability to connect multiple devices to blkdor.  Each device will show a distinct name that you request.  

On the move

Secure your device while you’re on the go.  Our service works especially well with mobile devices.  Just click and connect.

Stay Anonymous

Cloak the internet traffic through blkdor in order to achieve maximum data protection.  

Kill Switch enabled

Blkdor’s has a Kill Switch that will make sure to keep your activity safe if the server should lose connection for any reason.  

IP Masking

Your browsing is yours and others won’t be able to track what you do online.  

Peer to Peer capable

Transfer and share files with anyone with the ease of use thanks to our multiple server locations.

Works with Tor

When combined with the Onion browser blkdor takes your anonymity to new heights with ease. 

Apps and Google Play

Access the Ultra Horizon app through any of the major marketplaces and connect to your blkdor account.

Blkdor strives to be the best


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