Secure your access to the internet

Blkdor VPN is a secure and encrypted tunnel that protects your internet data.  Our VPN has a multitude of uses from encrypting your internet connection to protecting your personal information.

Protection for all your devices

With help from Ultra Horizon our Blkdor servers are available through Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS applications.  Users can rest assured that their devices are encrypted and safely running on some of the most powerful servers around.

Why do I need Blkdor?

Its a known fact that we’re living in the Information Age and with that comes the need for data protection and security.  VPN networks are securely encrypted tunnels that allow your internet data to flow safely. 

Connecting is easy

We’ve made connecting to our servers easy.  Once a user buys a Blkdor subscription we send them an email with a passcode that must be input into the Ultra Horizon application and connection is instant.  Subscriptions are month to month and we accept all major credit cards and even PayPal.  

A few reasons to get Blkdor


No Logs

Its our company policy to not disclose any details or information to any outside parties. We do not log your activity, or monitor what you do online.

Commitment to Security

We're committed to security, its our business. Giving our users the capability to mask their IP's and protect their data is our priority.

No Limits on Bandwidth

We currently have 2300+ servers providing Blkdor in over 90 countries. Enjoy unlimited usage with no data caps.